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We supply and source a wide range of security fencing including:

Expanded Metal Mesh Fence  

Galvanized and Polyester coated. The world's most secure fence. No weld's to break.Small apertures make it non climable, bullets will not pass through.
Simply the best.


Attractive and cost effective solution. Panels have a high level of rigidity and are avaialble in a wide choice of colour options.

Recommended for Industrial sites, Company premises, Schools

Available as a complete system 

Securifor 358 / Super 6  
high-security-perimeter-fencing-securifor 358

Discreet high security perimeter protection. Combines anti-climb and anti-cut fencing

Secure applications for schools, warehouses, distribution centres, power plants, labs etc

Secure and discreet but vandal resistant

Sentinel Super 70  

Made from high tensile wire. Over twice the strength of traditional chain link fencing

Strength and security for highways, military, airports, power plants and sports stadiums

Higher degree of security against 'cut through'

Swing Gates  

Tubular infill, adapted posts, hinges, lock and ground bolt system

Industrial safety and security for factories, schools, parks, playgrounds, airports etc

Rigid construction of frame, square bars, posts

General Purpose Palisade  
security-fencing-palisade-nylofor-securifor-sentinel-General Purpose Palisade

Cost effective security perimeter fencing available in welded panel or component form

Polyester powder coated with matching gates available in a range of colours

Made to order to cater for all situations

Chain Link Fencing  
security-perimeter-fencing-chain link fencing

Low-cost, light and strong with low maintenance. Galvanised or PVC finished

General purpose barriers around factories, playgrounds, roads and railways etc

Additional toppings of barbed or razor wire 

Tango Rail  
high-security-fencing-Tango Rail

Optimum protection with attractive styles and colours especially for school perimeters

Unique rail and cleat system allows for change of direction and slope conditions

Large variation of styles

High Security Fence  


Razor Barbed Wire  
high-security-fencing-razor-wire-nylofor-securifor-sentinel-Razor Wire

Razor-sharp steel blade and high-tensile wire. Installed to achieve the result of frightening and stopping to the aggressive perimeter intruders.

Piercing and cutting razor blades mounted at the top of the wallmaking climbing and touching extremely difficult.

The wire and strip are galvanized to prevent corrosion.